Back in Business

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     It has been awhile since I have been active. I became a little tied up with other opportunities. I have been writing for the sports column of the Maroon Tiger, Morehouse College’s newspaper. Writing for the paper has been an amazing experience for me. The joy that came over me when I grabbed the paper and saw my article in black in white is indescribable. I am still growing as a writer and reporter. This fall, I will be taking journalism classes at Morehouse and working with Tiger Television. I am beyond excited for the opportunities that are coming my way. But I am here to let you know YES I’M A WOMAN YES I KNOW SPORTS is back in business. With football season slowly approaching, the crazy trades happening in the NBA, and the upcoming 2012 Olympics, I am definitely ready to get back to work. Stay tuned readers! 


Opportunity Cost: What will Dwight Howard cost the Lakers

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Since this past summer, rumors have been floating around the league about the 6 foot 11 center, Dwight Howard, weighing in at about 265 pounds becoming a Los Angeles Laker. After Howard made it public that he would love to play alongside the infamous Kobe Bryant, the idea of Howard being traded to LA became a relevant topic. His[Howard’s] decline to resign a long term deal with Orlando leads him into the final year of his contract with the Orlando Magic; he will become a free agent in June. 

There is no doubt that Howard will make a good fit in LA. He’s arguably the best center in the NBA right now, averaging about twenty-three points per game and about 14 rebounds per game in the 2010-2011 season. And not to mention his strength, Howard is a big guy that knows how to use his body. So his athleticism and ability to win basketballs are not the problems. The problem is what will LA be willing to give for such a strong addition. Dwight won’t be a cheap trade and Otis Smith and the Orlando Magic organization won’t let their best player go at a low expense. A reasonable trade would be center, Andrew Bynum, which would be a huge opportunity cost but to get the best you have to give the best or the next best thing of course. Bynum, with six years of experience, is young but has still been in the league long enough to have veteran experience. He[Bynum] is honestly the only legit trade that might make a win-win situation for both basketball organizations. CBS reported that Jim Buss, the executive of the Lakers, recently stated that he is no longer directly against trading Andrew Bynum for the right deal. The “right deal” translates to Dwight Howard. Possibly Buss reconsidered his decision because Howard can step into Kobe’s limelight as the new franchise player once he[Kobe] retires. 

If Howard is traded to LA a new dynamic duo will be formed. An even better one than the Kobe-Shaq days. Since Dwight and Kobe already have a personal relationship, their chemistry off of the basketball court will immediately transfer on the court. The two stars think highly of each other not only as athletes but as men. Kobe Bryant openly referred to Howard as, “the best center in the league.” This dynamic duo will secure Kobe’s sixth championship ring and reward Dwight with his first. 

The Fall of T.O

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Terrell Owens, better known as T.O, has suffered from a rocky three-four years. Since his release from The Dallas Cowboys in 2009, his stardom, athleticism, and unfortunately his relevance to the NFL have faded. Owens began his career with the San Francisco 49ers after being drafted in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft. During seven years with the 49ers, T.O set a new standard for wide receivers in the national football league. He then parted way with San Francisco and went onto to make a huge impact with The Philadelphia Eagles in 2004. Averaging a touchdown per game, he helped send the Eagles to Super Bowl XXXIX where they faced Tom Brady and the explosive New England Patriots.  Owens relentless attitude and passion for the game began to cause controversy with former Eagles quarterback, Donovan McNabb, and the entire football organization. The Eagles decision to release T.O in 2005 made way for the struggling Dallas Cowboys to sign a highly respected, top notch receiver. T.O dominated once more with another football origination. Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, and T.O were the dynamic duo. Owens, in his first season with Dallas, led the league in regular-season touchdowns. Terrell went onto to break record of touchdown receptions in the organization in 2007 while also being a main contributor in Dallas’s efforts to win the NFC East division. Due to another controversial year and a negative media connotation the Cowboys opted to release Owens. He then signed a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills. While he did become the sixth player overall to reach 1,000 career receptions he was unable to find a balance with the Bills. The Cincinnati Bengals joined the juggle of T.O in 2010, signing him with another one year deal. During the 2011 offseason, Owens tore his ACL. The Bengals lack of faith in a speedy, healthy return, decided not to resign a thirty-seven year old T.O.

November marks a seven-month period of T.O’s injury and he is finally healthy and recovered. His time off from football has allowed him to focus on his hit reality television show, The T.O show, where he is able to show his fans and counterparts the REAL T.O. Clearly reality TV is not Owens’s sole desire in life. Since his childhood days, his passion has been football. His hopes to return to the league are quite evident. The free-agent held an open workout in Casablanca, California to prove to teams around the league he is ready to return and he’s a healthy Terrell Owens. To his demise, unfortunately not a single NFL team sent one scout to T.O’s workout. The only offer T.O has received to return to football is the offer to play for the Chicago Rush, an Arena Football League team. The recent warrant issued for his arrest does not make T.O’s return to the NFL any easier. The warrant was issued after he failed to attend a scheduled court date concerning his child support payments.

NFL organizations have seen T.O for fifteen years bring negative attention to several football teams and coaches and teammates are not going to deal with that if and when T.O does return. T.O’s career is approaching; he has reached his climax however his return to the league is extremely likely. It’s only a matter of when and where but the six-time pro-bowler will play football again. Over the course of his career he has obtained 1,078 receptions, 15,934 yards, and 153 touchdowns. He can and will be an asset to another football organization. NFL analysts around the league have posed the idea of the Chicago Bears, who lack an elite wide receiver, signing Owens. T.O will return but time waits for no one, not even a record-breaking, elite player.

Luck over Loyalty or Loyalty over Luck?

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When you hear the Colts, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it their so-called blazing offense, the four Lombardi Trophies shining at the Lucus Oil Stadium, or is it the well-seasoned Peyton Manning? I’m almost positive it is safe to say Manning. Football fans around the nation have watched the winless Indianapolis Colts completely fold without the ten-time pro-bowler suiting up weekly due to a recovery from a neck surgery. After week one’s loss to the Houston Texans, speculations surrounded the NFL about playoff hopes for the Colts. Now approaching week nine (with the Colts coming off a 55 point loss to the New Orleans Saints), the league has summed up in a nut-shell that without Peyton the Colts cannot be successful because the Manning offense is impossible to duplicate. However, Football is a team sport, so why is this football organization so dependent upon one player. Who do you blame? The athletes or the coaching staff seeing as that Mike Tomlin and Bill Belichick both won numerous games without their starting quarterbacks in previous seasons.
The Colts are definitely headed in the direction of having the worst record in the NFL for the 2011-2012 season. How can they bounce back from this with or without a healthy Peyton Manning? Two words, Andrew Luck; This guy will no doubt be the number one draft pick but is obtaining Luck more of a cost than a benefit for the Colts. If the Colts receive the number one pick they would have a few decisions, either take Luck and train him behind a healthy Manning, trade the number one pick, or release Manning and develop Luck as a franchise quarterback. Obviously without a full force Manning, Luck is going to be the next best thing for the Colts. He’s already being shaped and molded to become a franchise quarterback anyway, so why not? Some might say loyalty but we must remember loyalty doesn’t win championships; healthy, athletic, energized football players do. Some Indianapolis fans are already entering the Luck era; some showed up to a game in Luck jerseys. The phrase “suck for luck” has even evolved from this Manning-less Colts team but team members have made it clear that each game will be played like it’s their last.

Defending Champs Under the Radar

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If you didn’t watch a single snap of NFL football last season, you probably would have no clue that the Green Bay Packers were the defending Super Bowl champions. This off season and preseason they have truly gone unnoticed. You can turn to ESPN  and watch it all day long and possibly hear one mention or two of the Packers. This football organization clearly proved its talent when they took the Lombardi trophy back to Green Bay so why is it that they are going unnoticed. The Packers have never been necessarily a “hype” team but it’s just understood that the defending champs should receive a little more attention than the Packers have this post season. Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, however completely disagrees. Last season’s big win is completely behind him and he’s focused on what his team will bring to the field this season. He stated that he didn’t want the players to feel as though they were defending anything but taking on a new mission to get the same goal accomplished but in an even better style. Green Bay is kicking off the season Thursday September 8th at 8 pm against the New Orleans Saints. The battle of the previous two Super Bowl champs. Do you feel a Pack repeat? I guess Thursday night will be the first of many test.


President Obama vs Football

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President Obama, a HUGE sports fan, has scheduled a speech on September 8th. You’re probably saying, “…okay what’s the problem.” There’s a big problem. The Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints are kicking off the regular season Thursday, September 8th at 8 pm. It’s pretty much tradition for the season to kickoff the second Thursday in September. President Obama’s speech on jobs and the economy is schedule to air same date, same time. The NFL nor the White House want to compete with each other there’s just a conflict of events. There hasn’t been any word on Obama rescheduling his speech but NBC is trying to develop a solution.


From Bankruptcy to VICKtory

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Just a few years ago, Michael Vick went from being the life of the Atlanta Falcons to eating bread and water in a prison cell after being convicted of dog fighting charges. Creditors hit Vick’s pocket left and right and the man who brought so much livelihood to the city of Atlanta was forced to file bankruptcy. Upon his release from prison, the Philadelphia Eagles gave Vick a chance to rebuild his image and name. With the Eagles going though quarterback situations, this season Vick has landed the starting quarterback position of course and is already the talk of the NFL. The Eagles are highly expected to not only attend Super XLVI but win the Superbowl with Vick leading the team along with the newly added players. It is safe to say Vick’s struggle ends here as far as anything financial appears. Michael Vick has just signed a six-year 100 million dollar  contract with the Eagles with forty million being guaranteed. Vick is excited and ready for his full return.